AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 15-02-2021
Halvor Egner Granerud won Sunday's FIS World Cup in Zakopane. The Norwegian ski jumper overtook the Slovenian Anze Lanisek with 2,9 points. The teammate of Granerud, Robert Johansson, who placed the jump of 142 meters, ended up in a third place with a promotion of 17 places! Dawid Kubacki, the best of the Poles, was sixth.

The first round of the individual competition brought a lot of surprises. The leader after the first jump was, as in Saturday's competition, Halvor Egner Granerud (132 m, 150,5 points), who dominates in this year's World Cup. Keiichi Sato (147,9 points) was second and the third was Anze Lanisek with only one point behind the Japanese. Unexpectedly, the record holder of the Wielka Krokiew hill, Yukiya Sato (32nd place), and Piotr Żyła, who lost the fight with the wind conditions, did not manage to qualify for the second round. The disqualification of Andrzej Stękała, who was second on Saturday, became an extra blow for the Poles. 

The second round was dominated by the Norwegians. The current leader of the general classification of the World Cup finally managed to win on the Wielka Krokiew hill. It is the 11th win of Granerud in the World Cup (all of them during this season). Besides Johansson, in the top ten, there were also Marius Lindvik (fourth place) and Daniel Andre Tande (seventh place). The worst of the Norwegians was Johann Andre Tande who was 11th (Thomas Aasen Markiend did not jump today). The best of the Austrians, Stefan Kraft, finished the competition in a good, fifth place. After a very good second jump (137 meters) Dawid Kubacki came in sixth. The Japanese Keiichi Sato placed a weaker jump in the second round and at the end he was eighth. Yesterday's winner Ryoyu Kobayashi was ninth and the tenth was Daniel Huber from Austria. It is also worth noting that the Russian Michail Nazarow took the best place in his carrier (he was 14th). Besides Kubacki, there were only two more Poles who managed to score the World Cup points - Klemens Murańka (20th) and Kamil Stoch (23th).

"Before the weekend in Zakopane, I wanted to improve the in-run position and timing. Yesterday was not the greatest but today it seems that everything was alright during both jumps. Our representation did well, now we have a strong team and I hope we could continue with good jumps. Now I am going back to Norway and then to Rasnov for the next World Cup competitions" - said Granerud.

"I keep making small mistakes. In the first round, I was doing better in the in-run but then the conditions became quite hard. In the second round, I made a huge mistake at the start but the second part of the jump was much better. I am happy with how I performed and I hope that I will continue to jump well or become even better " - said Anze Lanisek.

"I am not very happy with how I performed today. I made a small mistake during the first jump which caused huge consequences because I was 20th after the first round. On the other hand, my jumps in the prologue and in the second round were really good. Now I would like to focus on the stability of my jumps. I hope that the good ones will appear more often and in both rounds and that I will stand on the podium more frequently" - said Robert Johansson.

"It is not a comfortable situation when they pull off the competitor from the bar and when you are aware that this is happening because of the wind. Unfortunately, it does happen and you have to keep fighting. During the first jump, the conditions were tough but the jump itself was not as good as the one from the prologue, there was a problem with the in-run position. The second jump seems fine to me but the coach will surely have certain reservations about it. Despite everything, it was a positive day, the jumps were a lot better than the last time. Because of that, I know that the good jumps are just right behind the corner" - said Dawid Kubacki.

"I feel the lack of analysis of what happened during this weekend and what went the wrong way. The problem lays in the in-run position, in my case that is the key to the whole jump of mine. I think that I am not that far from jumping well, I feel very well, both physically and mentally. Sometimes the more you want to improve something, the harder it gets. However, I still love to jump and I would like to continue flying. My approach to ski jumping, to work, and to further self-improvement has not changed" - said Kamil Stoch.

"There is progress, I can be content with the prologue and the first round jumps. In the second round, I made a mistake, and it affected the length of the jump. However, I think that this competition was good. My jumps are good now but there is still a reserve. For sure there is something to improve but currently, I am able to achieve such results. If I keep working hard, I will surely manage to reach the level I should have" - said Klemens Murańka.

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