AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 19-01-2021
Norwegian ski jumper Marius Lindvik won the individual competition of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane with a lead of.3 points over Slovenian Anze Lanisek. Experienced Norwegian Robert Johansson ended up on the third step of the podium. All three of them jumped over 140 meters, and the jump of Lindvik (145.5 m) was the second-longest one ever placed on the Wielka Krokiew hill, only 1.5 meters shorter than the current record of the Japanese Yukiya Sato. Andrzej Stękała, the best of the Poles, ended up in fifth place.

In the initial phase, Slovenian ski jumper Domen Prevc (131 m, 138.7 points) was the first one to break the 130-meter barrier, and he was leading for a long time. He was then overtaken by Andrzej Stękała (134 m, 141.6 points), who ended up with a strong fourth place. After the first round the leader was Anze Lanisek (133.5 m, 145.0 points), then Marius Lindvik (135 m, 143.7 points), and Robert Johansson, leading over Stękała with an advantage of only 0.1 points. The rest of the Poles could not meet the expectations. Dawid Kubacki, who was jumping in the worst conditions (15.9 points of the wind compensation!), was only 17th after the first round (129.8 points). Kami Stoch, who placed his jump in slightly better conditions, ended up in 14th place (128 m, 134.5 points). 

In the second round, the platform was changed from 17th to 18th and that resulted in significantly longer jumps and enhanced the dramaturgy of the competition itself. Seven ski jumpers from the third ten broke the barrier of 130 meters and the Slovene Tilen Barton landed on the 140 meters, which let him finish the competition in 12th place (he was 23rd after the first round). He was then changed in the leadership position by Kamil Stoch, who jumped 134 meters and with the final score of 276.7 points finished the competition in 11th place. The fight between the best ten stood on a very high level and the emotions were increasing from jump to jump. Andrzej Stękała’s fifth place should be considered a huge success. Dawid Kubacki jumped better in the second round and ended up being 15th. There were two more Poles who managed to earn the World Cup points – Klemens Murańka (27th place) and Paweł Wąsek (28th place). 

 – Today my jumps were really good and I am happy with this competition and the whole weekend as well. Our team is very strong, everyone is able to jump on a high level. Now I would like to keep that level for the upcoming competitions – said Marius Lindvik

 – Today I was jumping on a significantly higher level than yesterday. I was able to return to the podium, but I am much happier with the successful jumps because with them come good results. I cannot be fully satisfied with this weekend, because yesterday I could have jumped better. After Bischifshofen I had to stop worrying and start being more focused on the jumps themself. Now I have to concentrate and try to keep the good level for the end of the season – said Anze Lanisek

 –  I am very happy with my jumps during this weekend and also with the fact that I stood on the podium with Marius. I can see that my jumps are getting better and better. Today’s competition was my best one in this season, yesterday I managed to show some good jumps as well. The weather was perfect and the hill itself was prepared very well, even yesterday when it was snowing and therefore hard to keep it well-maintained. Of course, we miss the supporters, because we know how wonderful it always used to be because of them. We are waiting to experience this unique atmosphere as soon as possible – said Robert Johansson

 – There were a lot of emotions today during the final competition, but I managed to focus and jump well. My colleagues and the whole team helped me a lot and convinced me that I don’t need to worry about yesterday’s failure. I have the energy and fuel for the upcoming part of the season – said Andrzej Stękała.  

 – With sport, you never know. It was a busy day, but the energy and a good take-off were missing, and as a result – the distance. Today I made some mistakes, especially the first jump was not clear from the technical point of view – said Kami Stoch

 – I am not frustrated, because I am aware of the fact that I made a mistake in the first round. I am happy that the second round was much better for me. The whole weekend was alright – yesterday I managed to stand on the podium and we did a good job as a team. Today Andrzej broke his personal record and we were fighting, so in the end, we have a small reason to be happy. Now we have to sit down and analyze everything, then work on certain elements and bring them back on the right track, so we can enjoy the upcoming competitions – said Dawid Kubacki

 – For sure we wanted more today, but the competition itself stood on a very high level and small mistakes cost us a lot. Andrzej did a great good today, yesterday’s team competitions did not affect him that much. Now we have to concentrate on the next week’s competitions in Lahti – said coach Michal Doležal

 All the results from the whole weekend in Zakopane are available on the official FIS website: 

The next World Cup competitions on the Wielka Krokiew hill in Zakopane will take place in only four weeks. On the 13th and 14th of February, there will be two additional individual competitions in place of the competition in Chinese Zhangjiakou.