AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 17-01-2021
Austrians won the team competition of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane. Michael Hayboeck, Jan Hoerl, Philipp Aschenwald and Daniel Huber were going head-to-head with Poles and eventually overtook them by two jumps before the end of the competition. Norwegians stood on the third step of the podium.

From the nine national teams, who participated in the competition, Italian ski jumpers were the only ones who didn’t manage to qualify for the final round. Jumping in the first group Piotr Żyła (136 m, 126.9 points) celebrated today his 34th birthday. He lost only with Michael Hayboeck, who placed the longest jump in the first round (140,5 m, 134.6 points). Kamil Stoch moved his team on the first place with his jump and with the phenomenal jump of Andrzej Stękała in the third group (137 m, 131.1 points) the Polish team had a lead of 29.1 points over Japan. Dawid Kubacki did a great job as well (131 m, 126.5 points) and at the halfway point Poles looked like the clear winner, with a lead of 21.8 points over Austrians and 46.7 points over Norwegians. 

Piotr Żyła had the best personal score in the first group of the final round and the Polish ski jumpers were leading over Austria with the advantage of over 30 points. After the jumps of Stoch i Hoerl in the second group the advantage was already a little bit smaller, but no one would have expected the emotions that came after that. Andrzej Stękała couldn’t handle the very difficult wind conditions and he landed at 17,5 meters closer to Aschenwald (133 m, 125.3 points). Because of that Austrians were able to catch up with the hosts of the competition in Zakopane and then slightly enlarge their advantage after the jumps of Kubacki and Huber. The German team could not meet the expectations and they ended up being only sixth.

– I placed two really good jumps. I’m very happy with the final results. Today the conditions were quite difficult because of the variable wind. Each of the teams had their ups and downs, maybe we were lucky to jump in better conditions. However, this is ski jumping – there always has to be a hint of luck. Tomorrow I would like to keep up the good spirit and place two good jumps – even and on a high level. It’s a pity that there are no supporters, with them there will be much more beautiful, but we have to be happy that the competition takes place at all – said Daniel Huber, who today ended up with the highest personal score. 

– Each of us fought today as best as he could, we won second place and that’s beautiful. It’s always nice to stand on the podium. I wasn’t nervous after yesterday’s disqualification, there are things that are simply beyond your control – life goes on and you have to focus on the next competition. Today I did a good job and tomorrow I will have a free Sunday, so I’m going to cheer up for my colleagues – said Piotr Żyła

– There will always be an insufficiency, because it was all great at the halfway point, but with conditions so difficult it could have ended much worse. Each of us gave our best and the second place is great. I felt that the second jump was very late and I had to fight in the air, but at the end I’m satisfied with today‘s competition – said Kamil Stoch

–  I was a bit lucky today. The first jump was not perfect, despite the fact that the conditions were not bad. I haven’t checked the conditions in the second round yet, but the second jump was much better. I’m glad that my jumps were better than yesterday and that we ended up with the second place. It will give us a lot of energy for tomorrow – said Dawid Kubacki

– Ski jumpers placed eight good jumps today. We have to be happy with the second place. Andrzej has already shown yesterday that he jumps very good in Zakopane, but unfortunately, today the conditions got in his way during the second jump. The similar situation was with Kamil’s jump – admitted coach Michal Doležal

– It’s hard to say anything about my jumps. They don’t look bad on the scoreboard, but I have huge problems with the speed and because of that I have no chance to jump further. Today the conditions were variable, but the staff did a wonderful job of preparing the in-run and out-run. Tomorrow I would like to simply qualified to the second round – said the current leader of the general classification, Halvor Egner Granerud

The very first competition of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane on the Wielka Krokiew hill took place 41 years ago. Saturday’s one was the jubilee 50th competition of the highest rank in ski jumping organized on the most famous Polish hill. 

All the results are available on the official FIS website: 

The individual competition takes place on Sunday on the Wielka Krokiew hill. We will see six Poles – Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki, Andrzej Stękała, Jakub Wolny, Klemens Murańka and Paweł Wąsek. The first round starts at 4 p.m.