Renewed Wielka Krokiew  ready for long jumps

Renewed Wielka Krokiew ready for long jumps

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek / Press Office FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Zakopane 2018 PUBLISHED AT: 20-01-2018
FIS Ski Jumping World Cup starts in Zakopane just in few days. Thousand of sports fan and about 80 ski jumpers from all over the world will come to the so called Polish winter capital. All the preparations before the event are on the final straight. For all of the supporters the competition in Zakopane will be an opportunity to watch Kamil Stoch’s performance. For the second time in a row he has just won in a grand style the Four Hill Tournament and he was chosen the Polish Sportspersonality of the Year 2017 in a Plebiscite of Przegląd Sportowy.

Not only Kamil Stoch, but the whole Polish ski jumping team will receive a great deal of concrete attention during the event in Zakopane. The actual World Champions do a great job during this winter season, so they are thought to be one of the frontrunners for the team competition on Saturday.

After its rebuilding, Wielka Krokiew is almost ready for the opening event. The organizers are preparing to greet thousands of supporters not only from Poland, but also from all over the world. - All the technical and construction works are almost finished and on Monday we take over the facility. TV crews will start coming and installing all their stuff at the ski jump area. We also need to prepare the escape routes. From Friday we wait for the supporters and a great sport competition - informs Wojciech Gumny from the Organising Committee of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Zakopane 2018.

It will be the first rivalry in the FIS World Cup after the rebuilding of Wielka Krokiew. All the works were necessary and now ski jumpers can make much further jumps. After its rebuilding the facility in Zakopane is one of the most modern ski jumping hills in the world and it obtained the FIS certificate valid till 2022. - I am sure that we will see new hill records during the event. Before the rebuilding the hill size was on 134 meter, but now it is 6 meters further. Even during last FIS Cup competition the athletes managed to jump 140 meters, so FIS Ski Jumping World Cup will excite us with longer performances - augurs Gumny. Almost 80 ski jumpers will have an opportunity to jump far in Zakopane. - For the moment team from 15 countries will participate in event, 72 athletes altogether, but the number can change before the competition - he adds.

All the tickets for the competitions and the Friday’s qualification have been sold in two shakes, so the event every day will be attended by 24 000 of fans. A demand for the tickets is big, so that some of them are available to buy for the higher price than the face value. - As an organizer of the event, Tatra Ski Federation, does not approve the fact of buying scalped tickets which cost more than a nominal price. We always behave with honesty and we cannot agree for such a behaviour. That is why we reported that matter to the public prosecutor in Zakopane. We always tried to make the competition at Wielka Krokiew available for everybody, not for the elites, that is why the prices of the tickets were 70-80 zlotys - sais Gumny.

Because the event is so expected and popular all the organizers are motivated to work hard and prepare a magnificent competition during the last weekend of January. It is certain that the atmosphere will be incredible. Traditionally the supporters in Zakopane can attend the accompanying social events - concerts and special zone prepared by the sponsors. One thing is 100% sure - Polish supporters, as well as Polish athletes, altogether make a unique show. Every year the event stays in memory of everybody long after the competition ends. There is no doubt that Polish winter capital can’t wait for the last weekend of January.



Friday, 26th January

15:30                                              opening of the gates at ski jump

16:00                                              official training  HS-140 (two rounds)

18:00                                              qualification for Sunday’s individual competition

Saturday, 27th January

13:00                                              opening of the gates at ski jump

15:00                                              trial round

16:00                                              team competition HS-140

Sunday, 28th January

13:00                                              opening of the gates at ski jump

15:00                                              trial round

16:00                                              individual competition HS-140