Bardal the best in Zakopane

Bardal the best in Zakopane

AUTHOR: Danuta Rękawica PUBLISHED AT: 19-01-2014
Very difficult and changeable weather conditions on Wielka Krokiew Hill didn’t let Sunday World Cup competition in Zakopane be fully conducted. Hovewer, the most important thing for organizators was the fact that one round finally took place and its result was taken as official result of the whole competition. In spite of bad and unfavorable conditions, the highest rank of the podium belonged to reprezentative of Norway- Anders Bardal. The second place went to Slovenian athlete – Peter Prevc, as third came Richard Fritag from Germany. The best from Poles was Maciej Kot, who reached 10th place.

Sunday competition in Zakopane, the city known as capital of Tatra mountains, was full of fear and nervous athmospher. Strong wind, rain and extremely high temperature as for Winter time, made the  organization  of the tournament hardly possible. The competition started as previously planned, but after first 5 jumps, jury decided to start it again from the beggining at 2.40pm. In a result of such decision, jumps of Jakub Wolny, Aleksander Zniszczoł, Stefan Hula, Krzysztof Miętus and Roman Koudelka were repeated. Time was passing and weather conditions improved significantly. Unfortunately, when the lead of WC Standing was supposed to jump weather break-downs made comptetiton unable to be finished. These factors forced organizators to make decision of repeat jumps of Andreas Wellinger from Germany and Thomas Diethart from Austria.

Despite the fact that Kamil Stoch spent a lot of time waiting on the checkon, he jumped quite well and reached 126.5m what came him into 17th place. The best from Polish athelete, Maciej Kot (10th place) reached the same distance, but the leader of WC Standing in a result of problematic landing on two legs, lost a lot of points. Because of this , his teammates: Klemens Murańka and Krzysztof Biegun were classified finally on better positions (13th and 15th). Klemens landed on 117.5m while Krzysztof reached the same result as Stoch and Kot. Points to World Cup Standing got another two Polish athletes: Piotr Żyła and Jan Ziobro. Famous among ski jumping fans – Piotr- ended up on 124.5m what came him to 19th place, while Ziobro got 119m what resulted in 21st place.

Hard weather conditions weren’t a boarder for Norway athlete - Anders Bardal whose jump was the longest one (131.5m). Worth underlinding is fact that only 4 athletes passed 130m. – That was my second win here, so I have to admit that I really like jumping in Zakopane. The same nice feelings I have for the city, its atmosphere and fans. I’m really proud of my today’s result in these bad conditions, becasue I’ve improved Saturday’s result. Team competition was not as good as I’d expected - told happy Bardal. The second place for 124.5 m jump went to Peter Prevc, who actually is 3rd in WC Standing. As third came  Richard Fritag who reached individual rank for 13rd time in his career.

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