Austrian ski jumpers with gold medal in the junior world championships

Austrian ski jumpers with gold medal in the junior world championships

AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 05-03-2022
At the end of Saturday's competition of the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane, ski jumpers competed for medals in the team contest. The athletes of Austria did the best at the Średnia Krokiew. The world vice-champions became juniors from Norway, and bronze medals were won by Germany. The Polish ski jumpers took 5th place.

David Haagen, Markus Mueller, Jonas Schuster, and Daniel Tschofenig from Austria were jumping in their own separated league today. Their victory was indisputable from the very beginning, and they were ahead of Norway by 55.8 points. The individual world champion from Zakopane Tschofenig received the highest individual score - 277.0 points for his jumps of 104.5 and 102.5 meters. Haagen would be individually second (267.1 points) and Mueller - third (255.1 points). The bronze medalists from Germany (963.0 points) left behind Slovenes (950.9 points).

Jonas Schuster: “It’s an amazing feeling, I’m just happy that we have such a strong team and it’s amazing that I’m a part of it. My performance was good, it wasn’t perfect, but the jumps were ok”.

Sindre Ulven Joergensen: ”There was a goal set for this competition and everyone in the team did his best. There was not much to do with the Austrian team, all credits go to them for an amazing team - there were jumping in their own league today. I’m really happy to show my best in the competition. It feels good to see that my hard work pays off”.

Simon Spiewok: “It feels really good to win this medal, especially because I performed well during training sessions, but really bad during the competitions. Now I was managed to replicate training jumps and it ended up with the gold. My today's performance wasn't perfect, but I showed that even with slightly worse jumps you can end up with a good result”. 

Good, fifth place was taken by the Poles (862.0 points), among whom Jan Habdas was definitely the best - for jumps of 100 and 99 meters he obtained a total of 249.3 points.

Habdas: "I jump much better on my own hill. Although I also felt a bit more pressure about it, also because you jump for the whole team, not just for yourself. The championships were not very successful for me, in the individual competition I definitely screwed up the second jump, but today I had two jumps which really gave me a lot of fun. But fortunately, I have a whole year and I can improve at the next world championships".

On Sunday at 10:00, the first round of the mixed teams' competition in ski jumping will start. It will be the final touch of the 45th FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Zakopane.

The results of all competitions held during the FIS World Junior Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Championships Zakopane 2022 are available up-to-date on the website:\

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