AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 04-03-2022
On the next day of the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane, we got to know the medalists of the Nordic combined mixed. The gold medal was won by the German team, including Simon Mach, Jenny Nowak, Nathalie Armbruster, and Tristan Sommerfeldt. Italians became the vice-champions and the bronze medal was won by Austrians. The Polish team finished the competition in 8th place.

After the morning ski jumping competition on the Średnia Krokiew hill, the mixed team from Austria was in the lead (arithmetic mean 107.0 points), which was 5 points ahead of the German team and by 8.4 points the Italian team. Right behind them were Slovenians (94.6 points), followed by Finns (84.7 points) and Poles in 6th place (83.8 points).

For the 5 km - 2.5 km - 2.5 km - 5 km cross-country relay race, Samuel Lev from Austria set off with a 20-second advantage over German Simon Mach and a 34-second advantage over Stefano Radovan from Italy, who quickly made up for his starts and took his team to the lead.

Mach, in turn, overtook the Austrian and help Germans keep second place. This order was maintained until the last round, in which Tristan Sommerfeldt managed to overtake the Italian Iacopo Bortolas, thus ensuring the German Junior World Championship. It is worth noting the attitude of the representatives of the Czech Republic, who, after a good run, advanced from 10th to 6th place.

- I’m really happy. I was a little bit sad after my 4th place in the individual competition, but it’s nice to get this gold medal with my team. I’m satisfied with my jump and cross–country today. I leave Zakopane with a smile – said Jenny Nowak (Germany).

I’m very satisfied and happy to have this medal, especially because I have it if my team. It’s even nicer to have it with them. I think Team Italy is satisfied. I’m surprised with my performance today, especially with the cross country track, because I had some issues last time. On the jump hill I can improve a lot, but anyway I’m happy – said Daniela Dejori (Italy).

It’s very cool to have this medal. I haven’t got a good start on the hill here, but today I was able to show a good jump and I was good in the cross country, even if it was hard. I’m really happy to get this medal today – said Lisa Hirner (Austria).

On Saturday, in the Średnia Krokiew, the fight for the Junior ski jumping World Team Championship will take place - at 10:00 the beginning of the women's competition, and at 18:15 the start of the first round of men. We will also get to know the best men's team in the Nordic combined - at 13:30 ski jumping competition, at 16:00 start of the run (4 x 5 km).

The results of all competitions held during the FIS World Junior Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Championships Zakopane 2022 are available up-to-date on the website:\

The official partner of the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane is the Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region.