AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 03-03-2022
On the second day of the competition for the medals at the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane, the decisions were made among female jumpers and ski jumpers. As expected, the world champion became Slovenian Nika Prevc, who was 10 points ahead of her compatriot, Taya Bodlaj. Quite unexpectedly, the bronze medal was won by Canadian Alexandria Loutitt. There was also no surprise among the men - the entire podium was taken by the Austrians. Austrian Daniel Tschofenig turned out to be unbeatable, the silver medal was won by David Haagen and the bronze by Markus Mueller.

The arena of today's competition was the Bronisław Czech Średnia Krokiew in Zakopane (K95, HS-105). The Junior World Championships are the first important international competition after the modernization of the ski jumping facility in 2021.

The women's competition did not run out of emotions until the very end. Nika Prevc, representing the famous ski jumping clan from Slovenia, was only 2.2 points ahead of Taja Bodlaj after the first round, but she kept her concentration and her final jump of 99.5 meters was the longest and the highest rated (122.1 points) in the entire competition.

- It has not yet dawned on me that I have become Junior World Champion. I am happy that I was able to control the pressure that was on me after official training sessions. My jumps today were not as good as the training ones, but I'm glad that it was enough for the first place - said Nika Prevc.

Bodlaj's second place was not in danger for a moment, and the competitor was very pleased with both her jumps (97.5 and 98 m) and the silver medal. The Canadian Alexandria Loutit, trained by the Pole Tadeusz Bafia, also performed very well.

I'm very excited, it's wonderful to be able to represent my country and stand on the podium. I am happy but not satisfied. You can never be satisfied when you want to improve your result. This achievement will definitely have an impact on my future career - said Loutit.

The best of Polish women today was the Norwegian combinator, Natalia Słowik. After a jump of 81.5 m in the first round, she was 20th. The weaker second jump pushed her to the third ten.

After the first round, the Austrians clearly dominated - Daniel Tschofenig and David Haagen showed the longest jumps in the series, 102 m each, but higher marks and compensation for wind gave the Olympic athlete from Beijing a lead of 4.8 points. The third Austrian Markus Mueller and the fifth Jonas Schuster were separated by Slovene Marcel Strzinar.

After the final round, the order on the podium did not change, and all medalists jumped at least 100 meters. After a jump of 100.5 meters, Mueller held third place, and Haagen, landing on the 103rd meter, set the bar high for Tschofenig. However, the favourite showed that there were no strong opponents for him today and he knocked out his competitors with a jump of 107 meters. German Luca Geyer was fourth, Iver Olaussen from Norway was fifth and Schuster 6th. The best of Poles, Jan Habdas, was thirteenth, and Arkadiusz Jojko and Tymoteusz Amilkiewicz were in the middle of the third ten. 

This feeling is hard to explain. I feel really great, I’m very satisfied with all that happened today. I’m really happy and we will see what’s coming up in the next few days. My jumps today were pretty good – the first was ok and the second was really good. Not many people get a chance to start in Junior World Championships, everyone who got was pretty good and I hope I’ll be able to show that I'm good as well – told Tschofenig.

It’s awesome to have this medal because my season until now wasn’t very good, I was struggling a lot. If you told me about a month ago that I would get a medal today I would tell you that you are crazy. I’m really happy with this medal today. It can always be better, but gathering last weekes, I’m very happy with my performance and this silver is like gold. I hope it will influence my future career because if you get a medal as a junior that means you are on a good way and I hope to continue like that ­– told Haagen.

– It’s a great feeling. You are training very long for this moment and I’m very happy to achieve this medal. I’m very satisfied with my jumps. I think it will influence my future and I will do my best to show it – told Markus Mueller.

On Friday, the medalists in Nordic combined will be selected in a mixed competition - at 10:00 the beginning of the competition on the Średnia Krokiew, and from 1.00 p.m. relay race (5 km - 2.5 km - 2.5 km - 5 km).

The results of all competitions held during the FIS World Junior Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Championships Zakopane 2022 are available up-to-date on the website: https://ewoxx.com/de/results/details?PAC=842888&detailid=2294\

The official partner of the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane is the Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region.