The first results in the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane

The first results in the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane

AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 02-03-2022
We got to know the first medalists of the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane. In the Nordic Combined the world champion became Italian Annika Sieff, followed by Japanese Haruka Kasai, and the bronze medal was won by Nathalie Armbruster from Germany. The men's gold medal was won by Stefan Rettenegger from Austria, the second was Finn Perttu Reponen, and the third - Tristan Sommerfeldt from Germany. The best Polish woman, Natalia Słowik, was 16th, and the best man, Maciej Gąsienica-Ciaptak - only 35th.

The competitions were held on the Średnia Krokiew hill and the running routes of the Central Sports Center in Zakopane using the Gundersen method (one round of jumps and a run - women 5 km, men 10 km). After the first part of the competition, the Austrian Annalena Slamik was in the lead among women, but she was pushed beyond the podium after she finished her run in 15th place (overall she was 5th). Japanese Haruka Kasai, despite a weaker run, managed to keep second place, losing in the last meters by only 0.9 seconds to Annice Sieff, who was third after jumping. A great run and the best time for the 5 km run moved Nathalie Armbruster from 7th place after jumping to the lowest step of the podium. The fourth place was taken by German Jenny Nowak, and the second Japanese woman, Hazuki Ikeda, came in 6th.

– It was really nice, I’m really happy. The jumps were not my best today, but I did a pretty good race and overall it feels really good – said Annika Sieff.

– I had a good jump today, I wasn’t able to catch the gold medalist, but I’m happy with second place – said Haruka Kasai.

– I can’t believe it, it’s unreal, I never expected such a great result. This medal means a lot to me – said Nathalie Armbruster.

After a poor run, Natalia Słowik fell from a good 10th to 16th place. 

I gave my best during the run today and it was a performance to the best of my abilities. However, in jumping, the second phase of flight is currently the most important thing for me to improve. At the championship, I will take part in the ski jumping competition and I hope that I will be able to correct my mistakes then – said Natalia Słowik.

The Austrian Stefan Rettenegger was unrivaled in the competition of juniors, taking third place on the hill, finishing with the second-best time in the 10 km run. Finn Perttu Reponen, who was only 13th after the jumps, was definitely the fastest on the route, which made him the world runner-up. Third, at the finish line, Tristan Sommerfeldt overtook his compatriot from Germany, Simon Mach, in the final classification. Only the eleventh time of the run by Sebastian Oestvold from Norway caused him to drop from the runner-up to the 5th position. French Matteo Baud was sixth in both jumping and running and ultimately also took 6th place.

 –The jumping part wasn’t my best today, but the skiing was almost perfect. Of course, it’s important to perform well in both parts – Perttu Reponen.

– It’s very, very nice. It was a big goal for me this season and the fact that I could manage to win this competition is very nice for me. The jumping was pretty good and the race just felt really nice and I’m really happy with the outcome of today. Once again, I have the safe starting position in the World Cup, so I can take it easy at the beginning of the season. I’m really looking forward to the future – Stefan Rettenegger.

– It's unbelievable, I can’t describe, it’s just amazing. I don’t know how I did it, but I’ve done it, it’s just indescribable. I’m very satisfied with the result, I managed to perform one of the best jumps on the hill and then a great race – Tristan Sommerfeldt.

On Thursday, on the Średnia Krokiew (HS 105), men and women ski jumpers will compete for medals - at 16:00 the start of the women's competition, at 19:30 - the first round of the men's competition.

The results of all competitions held during the FIS World Junior Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Championships Zakopane 2022 are available up-to-date on the website:

The official partner of the FIS Junior World Championships in Zakopane is the Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Region.