AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 25-01-2020
Dawid Kubacki turned out to be unrivalled in the qualification for Sunday's individual competition at the Stanisław Marusarz Hill in Zakopane. The leader of the Polish team is not slowing down and is confidently heading for the ninth podium in a row in the World Cup competitions. Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi, second today, lost 6.9 points to the Pole and Austrian Stefan Kraft, third, lost 8 points. Kamil Stoch performed very well, as he achieved the fifth result in the qualification.

There will be three more Polish competitors in Sunday's competition: Piotr Żyła, Aleksander Zniszczoł and Maciej Kot. Stefan Hula, Andrzej Stękała and Jakub Wolny did not get through the qualification and they have Sunday off. Despite the fact that Wolny finished at 56th place today, he will start together with Kubacki, Stoch, and Zyla in Saturday's team competition.

- The decision may seem a bit surprising, but recent individual training sessions of Kuba have shown that his shape is back on the right track. In the current troubles with the fourth player to join the team, we had to take a risk and decided that Kuba gives the best chance to make a good performance during the competition. Today, his first training jump was quite good and the mistakes that appeared in the second training and the qualification are relatively easy to correct. He has never failed in the team competition, he has always been stable and we're hoping that tomorrow he'll show a flash that will allow the team to fight for the victory", said coach Michal Doležal.

Dawid Kubacki, asked about the idea of organizing also in Zakopane the recently popular additional mini-tournaments, where the victory is determined by the sum of points from the qualification and competition jumps, answered: 

- We even joked with our friends recently that in such a tournament "Zakopane Five" the prize could be two oscypki and a kilogram of cake to be divided into a team. But seriously, this is interesting and worth considering the idea. Every such rivalry arouses additional mobilization in the competitors, and for the supporters and the media, it is certainly also attractive.

Kubacki knows what he's saying because, despite his triumph in the last two competitions in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany, he had a minimal loss to Ryoyu Kobayashi in the mini-tournament "Titisee-Neustadt Five" (a slightly weaker jump of the Pole in the qualification decided about it).