AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 24-01-2020
FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane has been inaugurated by the press conference with Polish ski jumping team which took place in Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz Theatre in Zakopane. The best polish athletes – Dawid Kubacki, Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła, the coaches of team A - Michal Doležal and Grzegorz Sobczyk, as well as the president of the Polish Ski Federation - Apoloniusz Tajner, and the director-coordinator of ski jumping and Nordic combined at the Polish Ski Federation – Adam Małysz, participated in the meeting with the journalists.

The meeting started out untypical - first of all, the commander of the District Police in Zakopane, inspector Piotr Dziekanowski and the vice-president of TZN Rafał Kot urged the supporters to be careful when buying tickets for the competition in Zakopane, and especially they advised not to buy tickets from uncertain, unauthorized sources. Then Apoloniusz Tajner officially handed over the statuette of the Champion to Kamil Stoch for the 6th place in the 85th Plebiscite of "Przeglad Sportowy" and Polsat Television. 

I would like to thank President Tajner very much for having come to the Sports Champions Gala and for receiving the award on my behalf. I couldn't attend the Gala for obvious reasons, because I was then competing in the 4-Hills-Tournament”, said the three time Olympic champion.

The leader of the Polish team, Dawid Kubacki, who impresses with his disposition and hasn't missed the podium of the World Cup competitions since eight competitions, hopes to maintain this streak also at  Wielka Krokiew. - I feel good and I believe that my shape will last a long time. It was pretty good during the last competitions, but still I still have something to work on and that's what I'll focus on in the upcoming days at the competitions in Zakopane", said the winner of the last 4-Hills-Tournament, Dawid Kubacki.

Before Saturday's team competition, the fourth athlete of the Polish team remains a mystery. Details of individual preparations of Jakub Wolny were revealed by Grzegorz Sobczyk, assistant of the coach Doležal. - Kuba has been training calmly recently and his shape looks much better. After yesterday's jumps, we can hope that he will return to his proper place in the World Cup competition", Sobczyk said.

After a press conference with the Polish ski jumpers' team at the Witkacy Theatre, the opening of Ewa Bilan Stoch's photo exhibition "Perpetui flores" took place.  The opening of the exhibition, in which 30 of the world's top ski jumpers present their most important medals in pictures, was attended by Kamil Stoch, Simon Ammann and Gregor Schlierenzauer, among others.