Germany ahead of the Austrians. Poland on the podium.

Germany ahead of the Austrians. Poland on the podium.

AUTHOR: Sławomir Rykowski PUBLISHED AT: 19-01-2019
German team won the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup team competition at Wielka Krokiew Hill in Zakopanem. Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler, David Siegel and Stephan Leyhe was ahead of the Austrian team only by 0.1 point. Polish ski jumpers stood on the third step of the podium

The rivalry on Saturday was on a very high level – seven teams managed to gain more than one thousand points. If only Johan Andre Forfang hadn’t been disqualified also the Norwegians could end the competition with such a note. Two ski jumpers broke the hill size record – firstly, Markus Eisenbichler with a jump of 143 meters and then, Dawid Kubacki jumped 0.5 longer than the German athlete. Before, Kamil Stoch was the record holder.

25 thousand of supporters at Wielka Krokiew and millions in front of their TVs witnessed both dramatic and thrilling moments today. German team was leading the competition from its very beginning. They extended their lead with every jump. When nobody thought that anything can take the win from them, David Siegel had a terrible crash while landing. He got injured and now he has problems with his knee that may end his career. His distance was amazing (142.5 meters) so that German team won the competition with the Austrian athletes by a smallest margin possible. Also Stefan Kraft, the best when we take into consideration today’s individual performances, jumped more than 140 meters. His overall note equals to 308.6 points.

When it comes to the Polish team, Dawid Kubacki was the best with a note of 303.8 points. Individually, it would be a third place, just 0.2 point behind Roman Koudelka from Czech Republic. Also Kamil Stoch had a good performance today (136 and 131.5 meters.) Maciej Kot, who came back to the team rivalry, made his best jumps in this season today, on Saturday, at Wielka Krokiew.

The individual competition in which 11 Polish ski jumpers will participate starts at 4 pm at Wielka Krokiew hill.

The results of today’s team competition: