Foreign ski jumpers comment the individual competition

Foreign ski jumpers comment the individual competition

AUTHOR: Dominika Bączek PUBLISHED AT: 29-01-2018
Foreign ski jumpers comment their performances during the individual competition, as well as their shape before the Olympic Games and their opinion about the atmosphere in Zakopane.

Stephan Leyhe (13th place):

"Today my performance was okey, but it was quite a difficult competition. You needed to make a good job, but also to have some luck. All in all I am satisfied with my jumps."

"Yesterday our second place in the team competition was really good for us. Being on the podium is always nice and we’re looking forward for the event in Willingen and then for the Olympics."

"It always special to jump here where you have thousands of people cheering you up and celebrating."

"I think that all my preparation for the Olympics has been done, but I still need to continue working."

Stefan Kraft (15th place):

"I am not satisfied with my performance. Firstly, the weather conditions were really bad, especially during the first round I had a really bad luck."

"The facility after the rebuilding is perfect. The hill is really great and I enjoyed jumping here very much."

"When it comes to my preparation before the Olympics, there is nothing done. I have some work to do, I hope that I will find my great shape again. I need some training jumps and hopefully we have one week to go, so I will train hard."

"The atmosphere here is really great, we all love Zakopane."

Clemens Aigner (26th place):

"The trial round before today’s competition was really great for me. Then the first round was okey. It was not so easy to jump because of the wind. The atmosphere here is really great, one of the best."

"I don’t think that it’s more difficult to jump after the rebuilding of Wielka Krokiew. I think that it’s a really nice hill and it’s always nice to jump here."

"First of all for me the fact that I can jump in the Olympics is a really great feeling. It was always my dream. I want all the best for the whole team. But now we focus on the competition in Willingen and then Olympics."

Anders Fannemel (29th place):

"Today my first jump was really good, but then nothing special because my second jump was a little bit too late. All in all it was a difficult competition because of the weather conditions."

"Yesterday we were the third, it’s okey,  but we really needed to fight more for the first place."