Polish team on the podium

Polish team on the podium

AUTHOR: Danuta Rękawica PUBLISHED AT: 21-01-2017
Saturday was a day of team competition at the World Cup Ski Jumping Zakopane 2017. To contest faced 11 teams. Poland representatives were favorites of this competition as leaders in the National Cup. Polish national team consisted of Piotr Zyła, Maciej Kot, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch. Poles were ranked 2. The whole competition won the German team. Slovenians were third.

The team competition was preceded by training session. The longest jump in trial round belong to Andreas Wellinger, who landed on 137 meter. This attempt was ranked on the second place, behind Mchael Hayboeck, who in his first jump on Staurday reached 133 meters. The third was Richard Freitag and the fourth was best from Polish jumpers Kamil Stoch, who managed 130.5 meter. A half meter further landed Piotr Zyła, while Maciej Kot and Dawid Kubacki jumped respectively 124 and 121 meters. Representatives of Germany in the trail fared best, right behind them was the host team.

At the beginning of the first round of jumps in the competition Polish national team deal superbly. After the attempts of Piotr Zyła and Maciej Kot Poles were on the top. The situation changed after jumps in the third group, where Dawid Kubacki recived only 120 meters, which was the fifth result in the serie. Kamil Stoch who was closing the first competition trail, also did not show his full potential in a jump of distance of 125 meters. At the halfay point of competition the Polish national team was placed on the third place, behind Slovenians and Germans.

In the second decisive part of the competition, Polish national team managed to stay ahead of Slovens nad finished the race on the second place. In this serie again the best was Piotr Zyła, who significantly contributed to make up points, landed on 137,5 meter. Maciej Kot addes a meter to his score from the first serie. Also Dawid Kubacki improved his jump (128 meter), Kamil Stoch also made a great job, jumping 136 meters.- Each of us has done a good job and it was the basis to fight for the podium. We’ve got the second place and we are very pleased with it - summed up Piotr Zyła. On Saturday he was the best in Stefan Horngacher’s team. Representative of Polans had two very good jumps, what individually placed him on the second place. First was Peter Prevc. His team was leading after first serie, but worse jump of Jurij Tepes gave Slovenians third. Equal and long jumps helped Germans to manage victory. In both series represenatitives of Germany achieved the second result and finally won with 5.1 points more over the Poles and 13.6 points over the Slovenians. Good performance of the Polish national team allowed them to keep a leadership position in the overall Nations Cup.

On Saturday polish fans did not disappointed and the competition took place at the Wielka Krokiew hill filled fully by spectators. Tickets for the event in Zakopane were sold out one and a half month before the competition .

Now everyone is waiting for Sunday’s individual competition. It will be a finishing contest in FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Zakopane 2017. Six representatives of Poland will take a part in the first round of the competition: Jan Ziobro, Stefan Hula, Dawid Kubacki, Maciej Kot, Piotr Zyła and Kamil Stoch. - On Sunday, we have to be focused on our job and continue to joy of the fact that we can jump in Zakopane with such a great audience - said Zyła. The first serie of the indvidual competiton will start at 4 p.m.