Qualification round for Stephan Leyhe

Qualification round for Stephan Leyhe

AUTHOR: Danuta Rękawica PUBLISHED AT: 20-01-2017
On Friday, January 20, competition of World Cup series has begun. Polish ski fans have been waiting for this contest for a long time. The rate of 69 athletes from 18 countries including 6 from Poland took part in. Three of them took off after the qualifitaion for Sunday’s individual comeptition. Another three, because of the position in the top ten of the overall ranking in World Cup, qualification round could be seen as another training. The winner of the qualifiction was German- Stephan Leyhe.

Friday’s struggles on Wielka Krokiew were opened by two training series. In first trail before qualification the best was Peter Prevc, who jumped on a distance 130,5 meter. The second result was achieved by Kamil Stoch, who landed on 126 meter (seven length result). The oldest of Prevc’s brothers got also the highest note on the second training serie for jump at the distance 131 m. A half  meter further landed Michael Hayboeck, his result was also the best distance in the second serie in Friday’s training. The leader od polish national team and the leader of World Cup - Kamil Stoch achieved 128,5 meter - this result gave him third place during the second round.

However, the most important were qualification to Sunaday individual competition of FIS Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane competed 57 athletes from whom we will see again 40 during Sunday’s competition. This group will be increased by World Cup top 10, who have came to Zakopane. the fourth Stefan Karft and tenth Severin Freund gave up the particiaption in the tournament. The best in the qualifying round was German Stephan Leyhe, who was ahead of the Slovenians- Jernej Damian and Peter Prevc.

The best of Polish athletes - Dawid Kubacki was ranked at eighth position(125 meteres). Piotr Zyła, Maciej Kot and Kamil Stoch due to high position in the World Cup did not have to qualify for Sunday’s struggles. World Cup leader jumped at the distance of 128,5 meters. Zyła landed one meter closer, while Kot achieved 120 meteres. The other represenatatives of Poland without any problems gained access to the Sunady’s start. In addition to the best from Poles - Kubacki in the individual copmetition we will see Jan Ziobro (124.5 meter - 11th place) and Stefan Hula (123 meteres - 15th place).

On Saturday, the fight for more points to Nations Cup will begin - in the team competition,. At 14:45 there is a trial round scheduled and the main competition will start at 16:00.

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